Sunday, November 28, 2010

more moustache madness

The time? 10:50 pm
The place? Dairy Queen on Denman.
The moustache? Dark brown pushbroom
The man behind the moustache? A gentleman of approximately 25 years of age.
The comment? "Hey beautiful."
The accompanying nonverbals? Eyebrow raise and ongoing nodding of the head.
The response? "Hey."
The accompanying nonverbal response?  slightly furrowed brow while seeking to ascertain whether November 27s moustache man's comment was a response to a baseless belief in prior acquaintance. Absence of 'o-shit!-you're-not-who-i-thought-you-were' facial expression causes morphing of nonverbals into slight smile in response to the thought of having more supporting data for moustache theory. 
The prognosis for the gentleman's full recovery following the conclusion of Movember? Doubtful.


Kirsten said...

i can't believe no one has commented on this. sad.

awomanoffewwords said...

This is brilliant writing!! - RFA