Monday, December 06, 2010


my hair is shorter than it has ever been and i think i love it.  i can hardly pinch any hair on the sides of my head.  it's about a 3/4 of an inch  at the front (only in order to allow my widow's peak to blend in instead of sticking up and out as grows)
the day after i got my hair cut, i worked on a paper at the library with a couple of classmates.
when one of the classmates arrived, she said, "i love your hair!  you look like an 80s rocker."
i think, "80s rocker?  excellent!"
then she goes on, "and a feminist."
i laugh.
she says, "that's not a bad thing."
and i said, "well, i guess i am a feminist in many ways.  i just don't want to look 'butch.'"
"you don't look butch."
"well, good."

it was funny.
but i'm feeling the urge to go put on more makeup.


Rhianna said...

You failed to mention the blurpleness...

Pass4Sure said...

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