Thursday, December 23, 2010


i don't know what to write here these days.  here's some random stuff:
- the woman working security at the vancouver airport when i flew home was named dragana.  her name suited her.  she took away my yogurt after we had a brief (very brief) discussion about whether yogurt was a liquid or a gel (i deemed it neither, but how am i supposed to be able to argue effectively in that situation?)  anyway, she could have been less of a beeotch about it.
- saskatoon is cold.  i didn't leave the house for two and a half days after landing here, but i started to get prison pallor, so i ended up getting a ride from the house to a coffee shop.
- i have one semester left to complete of my masters.  i think it will feel strange to finish.  the past year and a half have gone so quickly but have been so intense.
- i am going to get an ordinary job next year.  i don't know yet what i'll do.  one thought that has occurred to me is bartending.  it suits my regular 'awake' hours and i like chatting with people.  but i'd want to work somewhere funky, so i think i'd need to go to school for that.  the idea of taking a year off is to NOT do school.  perhaps i am one of those perpetual students.
- christmas eve tomorrow.  i don't feel very christmas-y yet.  i've got about 16 hours to get in the mood. 

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